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Enjoy Your TRAINING, MESSAGE Your Coach, Implement FEEDBACK.


Hey there Rebecca!  Here’s your CUSTOM TRAINING PROGRAM.  All you have to do is give commitment and a wee bit ‘o courage. Talk with your coach and the community to keep moving forward and making tremendous progress.  Just give us 45-60 MINUTES 3-5 days a week to skyrocket your results!  Thanks for being part of the community and we’re looking forward to everything you’re going to achieve!

Extra Notes: You might not hit every rep or round, that’s ok! FORM over REPS. It may start small but will build each week to continue to maximize your gains. You got this!


Description: Begin by sitting on one of your hands. You will lower your head (ear to shoulder) in the oppposite direction then tilt your nose down towards the floor.

Goal: 15 sec holds x 4 reps each side.

Also try to lay on a foam roller (going vertically up/down your spine) with light weights in your hands and arms extended out in a "T" - You should feel a nice gentle stretch across your chest and front of shoulders


Description: Follow along with this video for a full-body flexibility training. 

Goal: 1 round at start of workout for warm-up or 1 round at end of workout for cooldown. 10 second holds per move for warm-up, 30 second holds per move for cool-down if holds, otherwise 5 reps per move.



Description: Start by tucking your chin to your chest, then rounding your shoulders and continue rolling down to end with your body bent in half and your hands as low to the ground as possible.

Goal: 5 rolls slow and controlled

Rebecca - do this with your booty against the wall so we stretch your calf muscles too 🙂


Description: Push up into a bridge with your hands up against a wall. Weight shift towards your shoulders while pushing your elbows straight.

Goal: 3 rounds of 3 bridges. 


Description: Begin in a tall plank position with a hollowback. Without picking up your feet (socks on a tile/wood floor is perfect), use your core to pull your knees between your arms and to your chest. Then push out back into a tall plank. Keep a hollowbody the entire time. The faster you goal, the more cardio benefit you get.

Goal: 3 rounds of 15 reps (the faster you go the more cardio you get!) 🙂


Description: Start in the horse stance squat (hips and knees at 90 degrees.) Twist further than 90 degrees to one side allowing the back leg to pass under the front leg, then complete bending the knee to the floor as much as possible.

Goal: 3 rounds of 10 reps each direction. 


Description: Start in a push-up position with your hands turned at least 90 degrees to the side (if not more to face backwards.) Hands should be positioned so that as you dip down on the push-up your hands are level with your stomach. Hold your core active throughout push-ups to support spine and encourage gluteal activation. *Keep elbows close to side as much as possible to maximize triceps engagement.

Goal: 3 rounds of 8 reps per round.


Description: Begin in a reverse plank position with your fingers pointing towards your toes. You will then squeeze your core and compress your body into the V-stand. The goal here is the compression moment needed for V-stand so get shoulders in front of hips as far as you can go.

Goal: 3 rounds of 5 reps

HOLD the compression at the end of the move for 5 seconds - No falling out of it!


Description: Do a handstand wall walk up as far as you can. Engaged your core maximally while you stack your hips over your shoulders. Then bring one leg off the wall. Then switch legs.

Goal: 3 rounds of 3 attempts


Description: Start standing with hands on a surface waist height or higher. Then walk feet backwards and bend at hips to allow the shoulders to open.

*Focus to ensure that your back doesn’t arch and the movement comes from your shoulders.*

Goal: 10 second holds x 5 reps.


Description: This move starts in standing. You will then place 1 leg on a raised surface causing your entire shin bone to be supported on the surface with the shin crossing your body. You will then lean forward causing an increase in stretch to the hip area.

*Be sure that the leg is fully supported by the surface. This move should be done on a couch, bed or some other wide surface that will allow your leg to be fully supported.*

Goal: 4 reps each leg with 15 second holds


Description: This move starts by placing the front of your foot against the wall with your heel on the ground. Keeping your knee straight, lean forward causing a stretch of the calf. Focus on shifting your hips forward with your knee straight.

Goal: 30 sec holds x 2 reps each leg

Workout 1 is complete! I'm proud of you. Keep pushing yourself Rebecca!



Description: Begin in a plank on forearms with arms crossed as videoed. Make sure your lower back is not arching. Keep your forearms crossed as you use your triceps to push up one at a time.

Goal: 3 rounds of 8 reps each arm.


Description: hold the V-stand compression attempting to keep your knees straight and keeping the angle as compressed as possible.

Goal: 3 rounds of 2 reps with 30 second holds


Description: Perform a strict pull up with good form. 

Goal: 3 rounds with rest between – as many reps as you can do

Make right arm initiate the movement at the exact same time as left arm


Description: This move starts by standing two feet away from the wall. Perform a wall bridge then walk your hands down the wall as far as you can. Eventually the goal is to get your hands all the way to the floor and back up into standing.

Goal: 3 rounds of 3 attempts

PUSH chest up towards the ceiling


Description: Start sitting with legs spread wide into a split position. Place hands between legs flat onto the ground. Working to keep the hands flat on the ground, contract your core to cause your pelvis to tilt backwards causing your legs to lift off the ground.

*You will need to be sure to hold a strong quad contraction and to point your toes to help the quads to maximally engage.*

Goal: 3 rounds of 8 reps. 


Description: Follow the video to do a stalder squat. The goal is to be able to hold the position while lifting one leg at a time (then eventually both feet), but to begin you may need to focus on squatting and weight bearing through your arms.

Goal: Just try the position every now and then


Description: Start standing with feet wider than your shoulders. Then squat as deep as you can. You will then shift towards one side then the other fully extending your leg out without lifting your hips between sides.

Goal: 3 rounds of 5 reps each direction

Feet are wider than shoulder width apart. Toes are slightly turned out to make it more comfortable on your knees.


Description: This move starts in standing. You will hold the towel with 1 arm that will lift above your head causing the towel to be placed behind your back. Then with the other arm you will reach behind your back for the towel. Work your hands towards each other using the towel as a guide to bring them closer together. When you have reached as closely together as you can, use the upper hand to pull the towel slightly up to give an extra stretch to the lower hand behind your back.

Goal: 4 reps each arm with 15 sec holds


Description: This move starts by placing the front of your foot against the wall with your heel on the ground. Bend the front knee and lean forward causing a stretch of the calf. Focus on shifting your hips forward and slightly down.

Goal: 30 sec holds x 2 reps each leg


Description: This move starts in a lunge with the back leg bent with knee directly against a wall. From there you will push your lower back towards wall causing a stretch to your hip flexor and quad.

Goal: 15 second holds x 2-4 reps per side

Workout 2 is finished! Woo-hoo!!! Take a deep breath and stay focused on your goals. - Bethany 🙂