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Enjoy Your TRAINING, MESSAGE Your Coach, Implement FEEDBACK.


Hey there Nancy!  Here’s your custom workout.  All you have to do is a little each day with commitment, a wee bit ‘o courage, and talking with your coach to keep moving forward and making tremendous progress. Thanks for being part of the community and we’re looking forward to everything you’re going to achieve!


Description: In standing you will lift your LEFT leg out in front of you. You will then focus on core contractions to tilt your LEFT pelvis backwards (causing your ribs and pelvis to come closer together)

Goal: 3 rounds of 8 reps ON YOUR LEFT LEG ONLY



Description:  Follow along with this video for a nice spine mobility activity.

Goal:  1 round at start of workout for warm-up. Do each move for 10 reps


Description: Start with your knees bent and slowly lower your body to the floor (without fully relaxing). Perform a sit up back to the top. The key here is a tight core throughout and lower yourself SLOWLY.

Goal: 3 rounds of 8 reps


Description:  This move starts laying on the ground on your stomach.  Then, with your arms flat on the ground above your head with thumbs pointing up to ceiling, squeeze your shoulder blades down and slightly together while you lift your chest up off the ground.  

Goal:  3 Rounds, 10 reps per round

Arms to ears, look up at the wall, THEN lift your chest up off the floor


Description: this moves starts in a piked positiong with your arms and legs straight. You will transition into a plank then drop down to your elbows. Come back up into a plank on hands then back into pike.

Goal: 3 rounds of 10 reps. 


Description: This move starts in a seated position with your legs as wide apart as you can tolerate. Place your hands with 1 hand between your legs and the other behind it working to try and keep them flat on the ground. You then will contract your quads on the leg between your hands to hold your leg very straight while you lift it up off the ground by tilting your pelvis posteriorly.
*You may have to start by leaning backwards a bit causing your hands to not be flat on the ground, but this will lessen as your core gets stronger.

Goal: 3 Rounds, 5 pulses per side, per round

Extra Notes: You might not hit 10 pulses every round or even do all 3 rounds, that’s ok! It may start small but will build each week to continue to maximize your gains. You got this!


Description: Begin with your feet together. Hold onto something sturdy in front of you if you need balance support. Squat with your knees together as far as you can go down while maintaining control. Squeeze your thighs and glutes to power yourself back up into standing.

Goal: 3 rounds of 10 reps per leg

Extra Notes: You may have to hold onto something at the beginning to counter your weight


Description: Start standing and bring 1 leg up to the wall with your foot flat on the wall. Then, lean forward to feel a stretch at the hips/hamstrings and calves. Hold for a count of 10 seconds then bring leg down and repeat on other side.

Goal: 10 second holds x 5 reps each leg

NANCY – make sure you are reaching forward with both of your arms! Pull yourself towards your foot. 


Description: This stretch begins in a quadruped (on hands and knees) position. Place one leg out to the side. Walk your foot out as far as you can go. You should feel a stretch on the inside of your thigh, groin, and possibly hip joint.

Goal: 30 sec hold x 4 reps each leg.


Description: This move starts in a sight lunge position. Then you contract your abs to lessen the arch of the lower back and lean forward allowing your hips to open.
Focus on not allowing your back to arch as you lean forward.

Goal: 15 second holds x 5 reps each leg

Workout 1 is complete! I'm proud of you Nancy! Keep up the good work! - Bethany 🙂



Description: Start by tucking your chin to your chest, then rounding your shoulders and continue rolling down to end with your body bent in half and your hands as low to the ground as possible. If you can touch the ground with your hands, then stand on elevated surface (such as a bench or step) and lower past your hands to reach for the floor below.

Goal: 3 rounds of 7 rolls




Description: Support your forearm on any surface. With your palm facing UP, hold a dumbbell (or heavy book) in your hand. Lower your wrist all the down then curl your wrist all the way up as far you can go.

Goal: 3 rounds of 10 reps


Description: Support your forearm on any surface. With your palm facing DOWN, hold a dumbbell (or heavy book) in your hand. Lower your wrist all the down then curl your wrist all the way up as far you can go.

Goal: 3 rounds of 10 reps


Description: Support your elbow on any surface. Begin with your forearm in neutral (thumb side up) while holding a dumbbell (or heavy book) in your hand. Without using your shoulder, turn your hand over as far as you can go then back the other direction.

Goal: 3 rounds of 10 reps


Description: This move begins with sitting on your legs with your toes pointed. You will contract your core and and shoulders to raise your bottom up as far as you can.

Goal: 20 press ups


Description: This move starts in a squatted position. Try to get as close to a horse stance (hips and knees at 90 degrees) as you are able to do. Stay down in the squat and step your leg out then back in. Switch legs.

Goal: 3 rounds, 10 reps each leg

Extra Notes: You may have to come up between reps and that is okay. Listen to your body and keep good form.


Description: Begin in a reserse plank with your fingertips pointing towards your feet. Squeeze your booty to assure your hips do not drop. Bend and straighten your elbows as much as you can to strengthen the triceps.

Goal: 3 rounds of 8 reps 


Description: Start sitting on floor with legs out straight and toes pointed. Position hands on floor in front of hips trying for near middle of the thigh. Lean forward and give a strong push with your triceps and shoulders downward to lift your bottom. 

Goal: 3 rounds of 10 reps WITH 10 SECOND HOLDS

Point your toes to get your quads more engaged.


Description: Start with hands flat on the floor. Walk feet near hands and lean inner thighs against bent elbows. Lean forward to increase weight on hands until you can lift your feet off the floor.

Goal: 10 attempts holding the frog stand as long as you can.

Extra Notes:  You are encouraged to put a pillow down near your head incase you lean too far forward. Count how many seconds you can hold this and let Bethany know your progress! 🙂


Description: This stretch begins in a lung position with your back leg straight. Bend your front knee until you feel a stretch in the front of your back leg. Make sure you don’t arch your lower back. The only thing that should be moving is your front leg.

Goal: 5 reps each leg with 15 sec holds


Description: Begin in supine with your core set. Perform a “crunch” with your upper core keeping your shoulder blades off the floor the entire time. Hold weights in both hands with palms up. Make a circle beginning at your head, down to your hips, then around back above your head.

Goal: 3 rounds of 10 circles.


Description: This move starts in standing. You will hold the towel with 1 arm that will lift above your head causing the towel to be placed behind your back. Then with the other arm you will reach behind your back for the towel. Work your hands towards each other using the towel as a guide to bring them closer together. When you have reached as closely together as you can, use the upper hand to pull the towel slightly up to give an extra stretch to the lower hand behind your back.

*Hold the pull for a count of 3-5 to give a little extra stretch.*

Goal: 5 reps each arm

YAY Nancy!!! Workout 2 is complete. Stay focused on your goals and keep pushing yourself! - Bethany 🙂