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Enjoy Your TRAINING, MESSAGE Your Coach, Implement FEEDBACK.


Hey there Kurtis!  Here’s your CUSTOM TRAINING PROGRAM.  All you have to do is give commitment and a wee bit ‘o courage. Talk with your coach and the community to keep moving forward and making tremendous progress.  Just give us ~45-60 MINUTES 3-5 days a week to skyrocket your results!  Thanks for being part of the community and we’re looking forward to everything you’re going to achieve!

Form over number of reps always! Listen to your body!


Description: Do these stretches to get your body warmed up and ready to go!

Goal: 10 seconds per move x 3-5 reps each.



Description: This stretch begins while standing, perform a body roll paying CLOSE attention to not allow your bottom to shift backwards. Put your booty against a wall with your feet 2-3 inches away from the wall to hold yourself accountable. You should feel a strong stretch in the back of your calves. 

Goal: 3 rounds of 5 body rolls x 10 second holds


Description: Start with hands flat on the floor. Walk feet near hands and lean knees against bent elbows. Lean forward to increase weight on hands then lift the legs to balance. Maintain that forward lean with hips stacked over your hands and shoulders and then lift 1 leg up off the elbows and return with control.

Goal: 3 rounds of 5 reps per leg


Description: Begin in a reverse plank position with your fingers pointing towards your toes. You will then squeeze your core and compress your body into the V-stand. The goal here is the compression moment needed for V-stand so get shoulders in front of hips as far as you can go.

Goal: 3 rounds of 8 reps x 5 second holds each position


Description: Follow the video for a deep stretch and hip opening squat.

Goal: 3 rounds of 5 reps


Description: Start hanging from a bar, or bar equivalent. You will then contract your core to bring your knees to your chest without swinging. Keep shoulders engaged to support yourself at the shoulder joint. Kick one leg out at a time.

Goal: 3 rounds of 10 reps per leg


Description: This move starts in a lunge with the back leg bent with knee directly against a wall. From there you will push your lower back towards wall causing a stretch to your hip flexor and quad.

Goal: 4 reps per side x 15 second holds


Description: Start standing with hands on a surface waist height or higher. Then walk feet backwards and bend at hips to allow the shoulders to open.

*Focus to ensure that your back doesn’t arch and the movement comes from your shoulders.*

Goal: 4 reps x 10 second holds



Description: This move starts by standing with your feet slightly separated. Keep your knees straight, do a body roll until your hands touch the floor. Walk your hands out to a tall plank position. Use your core to pull yourself back up into a standing position while trying to keep your knees straight the whole time.

Goal: 3 rounds of 5 reps


Description: hold the V-stand compression with legs against the wall. Lift one leg off the wall at a time.

Goal: 3 rounds of 10 reps each leg

Keep butt on the ground for now and focus on lifting legs!

V STAND - 0.5

Description: Start sitting on floor with legs out straight and toes pointed. Position hands on floor in front of hips trying for near middle of the thigh. Lean forward and give a strong push with your triceps and shoulders downward to lift your bottom. HOLD the V-stand and lift one leg at a time. Do 10 reps of one leg before switching legs.

Goal: 3 rounds of 10 reps each leg


Description: Begin sitting on your bottom with your legs bend in front of you (feet on floor). Use one arm and your core to push yourself onto your feet. Use your elbows to push your knees out then come briefly into a squat. Sit back down going the opposite direction.

Goal: 3 rounds of 5 reps each side


Description: This move starts on your hands and feet. Elbows stay straight with your knees on the back of your upper arms. While keeping your elbows straight, weight shift forward over your wrists until you can bring your feet up off the floor.

Goal: 3 rounds of 10 reps


Description: This stretch begins in a quadruped (on hands and knees) position. Place one leg out to the side. Walk your foot out as far as you can go. You should feel a stretch on the inside of your thigh, groin, and possibly hip joint.

Goal: 1 round of 3 reps each leg x 30 second holds


Description: This move starts in standing. You will hold the towel with 1 arm that will lift above your head causing the towel to be placed behind your back. Then with the other arm you will reach behind your back for the towel. Work your hands towards each other using the towel as a guide to bring them closer together. Use the upper hand to pull the towel slightly up to give an extra stretch to the lower hand behind your back.

Goal: 1 round of 4 reps each arm x 15 second holds



Description: Use your core to hold your knees up to your chest. Push through your arms to lift your hips up off the floor.

Goal: 3 rounds of 10 reps each leg

Start by just lifting 1 foot at a time!


Description: This move starts in a tall plank position with your feet close to the wall. As you walk your hands backwards towards the wall, walk your feet up the wall. Use your core to keep your lower back from arching.

Goal: 3 rounds of 3-5 reps.

Extra Notes: Give yourself time between reps so you don’t get a headache or dizzy. Your body will get more use to inverting with practice.


Description: Hanging on a pull-up bar or equivalent surface, use your core to lift your legs into a crunch, knees to chest. You will then use your core and shoulders to rotate your knees from one side to another.

Goal: 3 rounds of 5 reps each direction


Description: Begin with your feet on the FLOOR with your body in a pike position. Perform a push up assuring only your elbows/shoulders are moving but you are keeping the angle at your hips the same. 

Goal: 3 rounds of 15 push ups


Description: lay on your back with your legs as the video shows (in a N-sit). You will then switch your legs over the opposite direction. Hold for 10 seconds then switch back to the other direction.

Goal: 1 round of 4 reps each side x 10 second holds

Extra Notes: keep your core intact so your lower back is not arches. Keep your lower back on the floor the entire time.


Description: This stretch begins while laying on the floor. Bring one knee to your chest, and then straighten that leg. Keep your back flat against the ground. You should feel a strong stretch in the back of your thigh.

Goal: 1 round of 4 reps each leg x 30 second holds

Extra Notes: To lengthen the hamstrings you need longer hold times compared to other muscle groups. It is recommended to get at least two minutes of holds in for each leg.