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Enjoy Your TRAINING, MESSAGE Your Coach, Implement FEEDBACK.


Hey there!

Hope your training is going GREAT!

Here’s what to look forward to as you progress.

Depending on your plan, since everything we do is custom, here is a *general* Gameplan BELOW for what is coming your way:

Your Individualized Program

This is part of your current training:

  1. Custom Training Plan:  This is located on the previous page.  Work on this until mastery.  Train safe and have fun!
  2. Weekly Strength Test:  Submit a video to your Coach for your progress on V-Stand, Press Handstand, Muscle Up (Pull Up)…OR other agreed upon goals with your Coach.  You should see incremental, even if small, improvements week to week.  Train hard!  Smart!  And safe!
  3. Monthly Level Test:  Send a video of your Foundation Kata + 4 Foundation Moves to your Coach to review to advance to the 5 Elements.  Don’t have access to Foundation?  Message your Coach to see if/when it can be put on your Custom Training Plan.

Things to look forward to…

Once you’re ready, your Coach will open up the following to you:

  • Private Group:  To avoid confusion, students are given access to the Private Group when ready.
  • 5 Elements:  Ninja Strength, Powermoves, Cirque, Freerun, Handstand…after completion of Foundation and Coach ensures student is ready.
  • Katas / Routines:  Level by Level.  When you graduate a Level you’ll receive a Certificate from your Coach.
  • 10 Levels:  For each discipline integrated into your Custom Program when you’re ready to Level Up.

3 Keys to Success…

  1. Communication:  This is the most important piece.  Just communicate with your Coach anything you need.
  2. Listen & Implement:  To avoid injuries, getting stuck, or being frustrated, stay on course, don’t deviate from, and don’t add to the training your Coach recommends.
  3. Wins & Victories:  Revel in even the smallest Wins & Victories.  Send videos of your progress, your Wins & Victories, and any other fun stuff along the way!


* Equipment:  Keep it simple.  6×6 ft. floor space.  Something to hang from.  Accumulate small equipment as you go.

* Rest:  Final Week is lighter training at 50%.  Final Friday is no training / Level Test Day (submit your video).

* RENEWAL:  If invited, you may renew as you near the end of your Custom Training Plan.  Just message your Coach.  And FYI, sometimes, there’s also an “early renewal” discount, so just ask.