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Enjoy Your TRAINING, MESSAGE Your Coach, Implement FEEDBACK.


Hey there Anabella!  Here’s your CUSTOM TRAINING PROGRAM.  All you have to do is give commitment and a wee bit ‘o courage. Talk with your coach and the community to keep moving forward and making tremendous progress.  Just give us 45-60 MINUTES 3-5 days a week to skyrocket your results!  Thanks for being part of the community and we’re looking forward to everything you’re going to achieve!



Description: This move starts by leaning forward and allowing your hands to reach the ground with knees bent. Then slide your legs out to the side, straightening your knees as you slide them outwards. Once you reach a comfortable split position with minimal stretching, you will gently pulse your hips up and down to give an additional stretch at the bottom of the pulse and back to resting position at the top of the pulse allowing your body weight to be partially supported by your arms.

Goal: 3 rounds of 5 times


Description: This move starts in a squatted position as low as you can hold. Without coming out of the squat, step sidewards one direction x 5 feet then return the opposite direction back to your starting spot. That is one rep. Come out of the squat if you need to, if not continue to hold the squat to make it more difficult.

Goal: 3 rounds of 5 times (1 time = 5 steps left then 5 steps right) 


Description: Start lying on your back then push up to a bridge position. Shift your weight towards your hands allowing your shoulders to open.

Goal: 3 rounds of 5 times

*If you get dizzy, keep your neck up to where your eyes looking at the ceiling.*


Description: This move starts with your back against the wall. You will then slide your hips down so that your hips and knees make 90 degree angles. You will then hold your core tight to keep your back flat against the wall and lift the arms to lessen support from them.

Goal: 3 Rounds of going up/down 2 times with 30 second holds


Description: Begin in a pike position. Rotate your body and shoulders to come into a table top position. Focus on keeping your hips up throughout and do not let your bottom drop.

Goal: 3 rounds of 10 times (1 time = flipping from pike to table then back to pike)


Description: This stretch starts by sitting with good posture. Place the bottoms of your feet together and pull them in close to your pelvis. Use your elbows/hands to push your knees down towards the floor.

Goals: 10 times holding your knees down for 15 seconds

Workout 1 is complete! I'm proud of you Anabella!
- Bethany 🙂



Description: Start by tucking your chin to your chest, then rounding your shoulders and continue rolling down to end with your body bent in half and your hands as low to the ground as possible.

Goal: 10 times (slow and controlled)


Description: This move starts by placing your hands on the ground flat in front of you slightly wider than your shoulders. You will then bring your feet close to your hands to allow your inner thigh near your knees to lean against your elbows. From there you will lean forward to lessen weight on your feet until you can lift BOTH FEET up off the ground.

Goal: 10 times for as long as you can hold.

Extra Notes: Put a pillow down by your head for if/when you lose your balance forwards 🙂


Description: This move starts in a tall plank position with your feet close to the wall. As you walk your hands backwards towards the wall, walk your feet up the wall. Use your core to keep your lower back from arching. 

Goal: 5 times (no rounds here.. 5 times is enough haha)

Extra Notes: Anabella – consider having your day stand next to you if you attempt to go all the way up until you get comfortable with this. Give yourself time between reps so you don’t get a headache or dizzy. Your body will get more use to inverting with practice. 


Description: Do the crab walk down the hallway. To make it harder, keep your hips up!

Goal: 5 times down your hallway (1 time = going down and back once)


Description: Do the bear walk down the hallway. To make it harder, keep your knees as close to the floor as possible!

Goal: 5 times down your hallway (1 time = going down and back once)


Description: This stretch begins while sitting on the edge of a supporting surface. Straighten one leg and bring your toes up. Keep your back straight while leaning forward over your straight leg. You should feel a strong stretch in the back of your thigh.

Goal: 2 times each leg with 30 second holds

Workout 2 is finished! Woo-hoo!!! Take a deep breath and stay focused on your goals. - Bethany 🙂